Progect 2 – General

Subject Choice – December 2015

My thinking on Project 2 is create a journalistic photo essay on something around me which I have easy access to so that I can revisit it easily & something that is of interest to me so that inspiration is not difficult to come by. (I found inspiration on Project 1 difficult as I have no interest in taking photos of myself)

I started with three subjects for the essay.

  • Fred Bavendam a underwater photographer from the US who has been published by magazines of the stature of Nation Geographic & has spent his whole working life travelling documenting the underwater world with his photography.  Fred will be staying with us during the January & we will be diving together. I would like to show his character through the images I take.
  • The rock fishermen of Munmorah which is a notorious stretch of coastline just north of where I live. It is a dangerous place which has claimed the lives of many fishermen & women in the past few years but it is a naturally beautiful wild place, a juxtaposition which I would like to show in the images. I would also like to draw out the fishermen’s character but his may require additional text.
  • Terrigal Underwater Group (TUG)  is a diving club to which I belong. It is a small group of about forty people who enjoy diving. We own a custom built dive boat which is moored at the Haven Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast. If I choose this subject I will try to show the boat, some of the divers, & the underwater region we dive.

Social Media Platform Choice – 16th January 2016

For me this is the hardest part of the project, choosing which social medial platform to upload the images & text that is best suited to the material & will gain the most attention but with which I am comfortable that my images are not going to be used by others without permission, acknowledgement & payment. See my previous post Copyright of Images on Social Media

Facebook is probably the correct platform to use, as it is suited to conveying both text & images where as Instagram & Flickr are more suited to just images without text. The other option would be start a personal blog (as opposed to this current blog for the course) using Word Press & try to get it out there for people to see. By using a personal blog I would not be dealing with the problems of the Social Media platform operators claiming copyright to the images used on their site so this would reduce one level of theft. By using a blog I am not sure what is the best way to have people in general public who may be interested in what I have to say or show find my blog.

Discussion Group Feedback on the Rock Fishermen Subject – 21st January 2016

Over the Christmas break I have been able to start photographing for the Rock Fishermen subject (the TUG  subject has been slowed by back weather over this time so the club has not been diving. Fred does not arrive until the end of January) I submitted some of my images & a brief outline of my proposal to the discussion group & received some positive feedback & good suggestions. One recommendation that was very inspirational was visiting This site shows images of ordinary people in New York & then uses text to describe, in some cases, their extraordinary lives. I have tended to be a person who will talk with people but when it comes to taking photos of people tend to do it surreptitiously with a long lens. So I have decided to mix it up & talk with people, asking their permission to photograph them. In this way I hope to use a wider angle lens for some of the images.

Inspiration from Week 8 Notes – 25th January 2016

Even prior to reading the notes on week 8, my project 2, The Rock Fishermen, had evolved into a story rather than a theme. I found the most inspiring link provided in week 8 notes was Some of the photo essays were very inspiring & confronting, the subject matter far more dramatic than the story I had envisaged but they made me feel good that I live here in Australia & not where these images were taken. Unfortunately, some lost the story line with images that did not fit into the story line described. Writing down a story line & following this predetermined script makes shooting the images easier. I am aware that opportunistically shooting outside the script can also be very beneficial so I keep a keen eye on what is happening or what may develop. I go to the location with the images in my head & I can tick them off once I have what I need. This does not stop me from shooting that image again if I see it but it does free me up to look more actively for images that I have still to perfect.

My story line for the rock fishermen is a very simple one. The story line is basically chronological through a day.

  • Early morning images of the rock platform & waves – the beauty
  • Early morning images of the rock fishermen against the sun rise
  • Images of large waves breaking on & around the platform
  • Images of the rock fishermen & the big waves
  • Images of the memorial & the life buoys (hopefully with fishermen walking past)
  • Images of the rubbish the fishermen leave behind on the rock platform
  • Images of the fishermen at night with the stars.





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