Tumblr as my blog site

Even though I have been creating this journal using Power Point I decided it was time to bite the bullet & create some Social Media sites, as this is what the course is all about. First was Tumblr. I created the site utasphotosocialmedia@tumblr.com easily enough but when I tried to add a theme nothing happened. I logged out & back in but there are no longer any buttons to edit the site. I finally managed to add an avatar but the site looks like nothing.

I managed to create a page but it has not linked into the site even though I selected the link button.

I have looked at so many Youtube videos but none of them look the same as the screens I am looking at. I do not have a customize button & the “edit appearance” (which appears in it place) only lets me change the back ground colours.

This has wasted 6 hours!!!!! I am quickly loosing interest in social media.

I have spent many hours trying to get Tumblr to work but without success. If I can create a page I type three lines of text which are then un-editable, so if I want to make a change I have to delete the work & start again.

I have read a number of reviews of Tumblr none of which are complimentary, especially if trying to use the program on a Windows platform, as it has not been updated for several years on that platform. I am trying to use it on the latest version of Windows, Windows 10 which has it’s own issues.

I have decided to give up with Tumblr & try to find something better. I will do this be trying to find friends who use blogging programs with which they happy.

In the mean time I will continue my journal on Power Point & transfer it over to a blog when I feel comfortable to do so.








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