Initial thoughts

Before starting this course I had no time for Social Media & considered it to be to total waste of time after experiencing the distraction it causes in work places & social gatherings.

I am currently not working & have some free time so I am undertaking this course to try to find out how I can make Social Media work for me without wasting my time. My primary interest is showing my photography work & communicating (with text & images) with friends while I travel over the next few years. I don’t want to create a monster which appears in their email box each week but create a “diary” which they can access if they choose & read at the leisure.

So far the sites that have been sent to us in the course to review for inspiration have not inspired they have made me feel over whelmed with material that was of little interest.

The thought of signing up to one of these Social Media sites is also very scary.

Along with the coffee culture, my next biggest hate in the world is “Selfies”!!! I know this puts me somewhere on another planet but so be it. I am also the worst person in the world to ask to pose for a photo, it just doesn’t work. To take a photo of me requires about six takes, I can always seem to squint, not smile, or do something wrong that spoils the image. I really try hard but the best images of me have been taken candidly without my knowledge. So being asked to produce a self portrait is going to be interesting.


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